Are They Lying About Their Injury?

Are They Lying About Their Injury?

We conduct workmans comp investigations in Madison, WI

Do you suspect one of your employees may have filed a fraudulent claim for workers compensation? Don’t let a dishonest person take advantage of your business – hire Central States Investigation Agency, LLC. Our investigators will provide you with the hard evidence you need to uncover insurance deception. We believe you have a right to the truth!

Hire a private investigator in La Crosse, WI

With locations in Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin, CSI Agency is positioned to launch a workers compensation investigation anywhere in the region. In the past, our team has worked with insurance companies and private individuals. Our trained investigators will:

  • Surveil the claimant in question
  • Use sophisticated camera equipment to collect footage
  • Compile hard evidence that will stand up in court

Don’t let a liar get away with fraud! Call 844-447-4669 today to request a free, no-obligation consultation.